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Please submit some stories?

Alright, guys, is anyone working on either of the two prompts? It's been almost two weeks and no stories yet, except for this very brief story. Next week I'm going to use one of the user-submitted prompts. What else can I do to spur some stories outta yah?


I vow to devote some time next week to writing up a zed piece. I've been too busy this week with real life to think about fantasy, but I will make time to get something up in here.
Anyone submitting a story under the current rules will not be able to send their story in for publication to most markets because the story will have already been posted on an open forum on the Internet. I'm not likely to post any of my zombie stories on here because of that. However, I do like the idea of the prompts and will be using them for writing. If that's not ok (that I write but do not post) then please let me know.
I'm working on something (unrelated to the prompts) that I'll post when I get it done. It's just hard to find time to work on it. I hope to post pretty soon.
I think the best thing you can do to increase activity is ping a couple of people who you know write enough to contribute regularly, and get them to write here regularly along with *you*. The catch 22 of any online community is that no one will use it if there's no activity, and there's no activity if no one's using it. That's why it needs effort from you, not just in terms of advertising, but also in terms of activity.
hey, i just started up a new zombie fic comm zombi_fic_ation (b/c i didn't know that this one already existed) and i'm also stuck for prompts and generating interest
would you, by any chance, like to combine efforts into getting more ppl involved with both comms?
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October 2009

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